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Teri Diiorio

I am bringing a plain yellowcake and American chop suey, with a stove for keeping it warm and the forks and bowls.
Let me know if anyone is bring napkins or paper towels

On Aug 5, 2021, at 2:44 PM, Paul W1PJS <W1pjs@...> wrote:

I am looking forward to seeing as many of you as can make it Saturday August 7th at Beavertail Lighthouse.

We will be setting up starting at 9am, in the lawn area near the museum, and tearing down around 5pm to clear the park by sundown…

Other than those of you who have specific items you’re bringing, everyone should bring chairs enough for their own use, and a side dish or beverages to add for lunch. When in doubt, a beverage (bottled water, flavored drinks) is a good idea… pasta, potato, other sorts of salads, also work…

If it’s possible, bring a canopy type covering, as depending on how many come, the need will vary, but note that yours may not need be used if we have enough before yours is set up😎👍

We will set up a VHF 2m radio and be available for talk in on 147.420 simplex… we will also monitor the NB1RI repeaters periodically…

Hope to see you there…

Paul Silverzweig
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Paul, W1PJS
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