moderated Revised Net Scripts

Paul W1PJS

Hi All:

Attached are revised scripts for the various ARES nets... please download
them and save for future use. The new scripts reflect the new schedule for
the VHF Simplex nets and the HF nets, now both being held twice a month... -
VHF Simplex net is at 7:45 pm local on 147.420 MHz every 2nd and 4th
- HF net is at 7:45 pm local on 3.875 MHz +/- 5 KHz every 1st and 3rd

As always, we are looking for additional net control stations. Please let us
know if yo0u are interested in this.

Also, I would like to congratulate all the ARES Members who completed the
AuxComm training this weekend... thanks to you all for doing so:

Teri W1PUP
John N1ZO
Jeremy K1JST

Good Job!!

Paul, W1PJS


Paul, W1PJS
RI Section Emergency Coordinator